We are a small and competitively priced engineering firm that caters to a wide variety of clientele, ranging from individual contractors who are building a house addition for their client, to designing and overseeing the construction of larger industrial and commercial buildings.

Our project experience ranges from small exhibit structures, renovations and additions up to residential, commercial and industrial buildings and represents a full spectrum of building type structures: timber, reinforced concrete, masonry and steel.

Aim Engineering is frequently called upon to investigate and provide recommendations for building problems and failures due to design or construction errors, deterioration of existing structures, property damage, or other unique issues. 

At AIM Engineering we understand that the design process does not end with a project submission to the client and building department. And unlike our larger competitors who require lots of time and meetings to accommodate design changes to existing site conditions or architectural changes, we act in a fast and competent way minimizing disruptions which save you time and money during the construction phase.

We are continually updating our working knowledge of new technologies, and apply them in innovative ways to meet our client's challenges.

Contact AIM Engineering to consult with our experienced engineers about any civil and structural engineering inquiries you might have.  We look forward to working with you.